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Pneumatic Monitor Arm

Product Story
The Pneumatic Monitor Arm from KI combines style, function and ergonomics to create comfortable, productive workstations. Allowing users to easily adjust monitors to a comfortable viewing position, the Pneumatic Monitor Arm helps reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity. Offered in short- and extended-mount configurations, the Pneumatic Monitor Arm's wide range of motion can suit the needs of any user at any workstation. Extending up to 16-1/2 inches from the base, the arm can be rotated 180 degrees at all joints. The monitor can be turned from landscape to portrait position, and tilted 90 degrees.Securely holding a flat-screen LCD monitor, the Pneumatic Monitor Arm allows users to easily adjust screens. Ideal for multi-functional workstations, it also facilitates sharing on-screen information or can be quickly adjusted for different users or simply moved out of the way. Its intuitive fingertip control permits effortless adjusting and repositioning.There are no buttons or levers to lock or unlock the arm - the pneumatic mechanism holds it securely in place. Arm easily clamps to desk edge or through a grommet. Wall and rail mount clamps are available.With sleek, modern lines and no exposed screws or hardware, the Pneumatic Monitor Arm presents a contemporary look that blends into any office environment. By levitating flat-panel LCD monitors over workstations, it clears valuable desk space. The cable management system helps maintain an orderly, clutter-free desktop.

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