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CPU Holders

Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Provide attractive, functional solutions for technology-integrated space management
  • Accommodates single or double CPU
  • Available in large or small clip version
  • Efficiently reduces undersurface clutter
  • Offerings include CPU Sling, CPU Holder (without a lock), CPU Holder with Lock, Compact CPU Holder and Mini CPU Holder
  • Available in black only
  • CPU Sling vertically supports and stores CPU below the worksurface
  • Compact CPU Holder vertically or horizontally supports and stores CPU below the worksurface
  • Mini CPU Holder mounts under the worksurface with an adjustable height and width

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CPU Sling

  • Straps have positive locking clamps
  • Provides 5-1/2" of travel and 359° swivel
  • Maximum weight capacity is 75 lbs
  • Recommended for 30" deep worksurfaces
  • Accommodates CPU with maximum circuference of 65"

CPU Holder

  • Slide mechanism 17" forward slide
  • Vertical 13-1/2" to 22-1/2"
  • Horizontal (side-to-side) 3-1/2" to 9"
  • No more than 85 lbs
  • CPU Holder with lock has integrated lock within the handle

Compact CPU Holder

  • Holder in the vertical position accommodates CPUs 5.5-9.8" wide and 15.5-20" tall
  • Holder in the horizontal position accommodates CPUs 13.8-18.8" wide and 7.3-11.3" tall
  • Can hold up to 70-80lbs in the vertical position, and up to 30lbs in the horizontal position
  • Mounting plate overall dimensions are 5.38" x 3.95"

Mini CPU Holder

  • Vertical 7.2-16"
  • Horizontal (side-to-side) 1.2-6"

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Product Story
KI offers a variety of CPU holder solutions, including adjustable CPU slings, leg-mounted CPU holders (both standard and compact), and table-mounted CPU holders (both single and double).

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