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LED Desktop Light

LED Desktop Light LED Desktop Light
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KI's LED desktop light combines advanced LED technology, patent-pending optics and innovative industrial design into the most energy-efficient task lighting available. The elegant, versatile LED desktop light lets users quickly tailor illumination patterns and levels to specific tasks. Interchangeable mountings provide maximum flexibility for the user. It's available in a sleek silver finish and is powered by a 6-watt bulb. As a stand-alone unit, the LED desktop light connects to a plug-in power supply, available with a weighted base mounting option. As office lighting continues to move toward greater energy efficiency, the LED desktop light provides high-quality task lighting, reducing ambient light by an additional 35 to 50 percent. The advanced technology in LEDs allow for 45,000 hours of operation time. This translates to 30 years of expected life when used an average of six hours per day in an office application. The recycled contents found in the LED desktop light, including the die-case aluminum and steel, add to this green workplace solution.

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