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Flat Screen Garage

Flat Screen Garage Flat Screen Garage Flat Screen Garage Flat Screen Garage

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Product Story
The Flat Screen Garage system brings a new level of flexibility to training rooms. A multiple-use table means people can use a room for a variety of applications to maximize efficiency. When you need high-tech access, just press the button and the training table transforms into a computing center in seconds. The motorized lift conveniently opens the security door and raises the flat screen display. Another touch lowers it until it's needed again. The keyboard and mouse are stored with the monitor, freeing under-table space. Since the garage is housed at the rear of the table, there is ample working room even when it is in use. Power and data lines stay connected and secure with an integrated wire management system. Designed with durability in mind, the Flat Screen Garage easily handles the rigorous challenges posed by educational, training and other multi-use applications. Valuable equipment remains locked and safe when not in use. The Flat Screen Garage is backed by a 10-year warranty.

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