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700 Series Folding Chair

700 Series Folding Chair
Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • The simple design and sturdy structure gives it the ideal blend of comfort and reliability
  • Available with a combination of upholstered and steel seat and backrest
  • Mix and match colors of both steel and upholstery to achieve the perfect look

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  • Stabilized with three welded cross braces
  • Has a footprint of 126” long x 41” wide x 52” high
  • Finished and painted with a heavy-duty enamel

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Product Story
If you're looking for a quality, sturdy and comfortable folding chair, the perfect solution is KI's 700 Series folding chair. In addition to the all-steel model, 700 Series folding chairs are available with upholstered seats, upholstered seats and backrests, and tablet arms.

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