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Affina Collection

Elegant. Sophisticated. Comprehensive.

The Affina® Collection brings to life the finer points of line and movement, function and sophistication. Born from the perceptive design talents of Dan Cramer and Paul James, Affina reflects an aesthetic that speaks to all environments by articulating a timeless vision.

From first impressions to limitless expressions, Affina is the height of sophistication. Its elegant style hints of romance and history, intertwined with a contemporary and highly customizable design. It effortlessly balances the essentials with the enviable, the indispensable with the inspirational.

Bariatric Chair 

The Affina bariatric chair offers sophisticated design and supportive comfort. Specified within the comprehensive Affina collection, the Affina bariatric chair supports a seamless, elegant aesthetic throughout a space.

Guest Chair 

Affina guest seating offers a handcrafted quality with functional appeal.

Lounge Seating 

Affina lounge seating offers contemporary and highly customizable design, all with consistent visual expression.

Multiple Seating 

Affina multiple seating offers an elegant statement from the first impressions of a waiting room and all throughout the functional spaces of a facility.

Occasional Tables 

Affina occasional tables effuse elegance through simplicity in design. Versatile in form, Affina tables are a perfect complement within any environment.


Affina recliners offer a supportive and intuitive solution for patient care.


Designed with patients, family, and staff in mind.

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