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KI Showcases Community Connections at NeoCon 2019

June 3, 2019

Together By Design.JPG

CHICAGO - Great design is about building a sense of community and creating spaces that forge connections and foster a sense of belonging.  KI is showcasing products, ideals and strategies that bring us “Together by Design” at NeoCon® World’s Trade Fair 2019 in showroom #1181.

“From the new Serenade™ Table to fresh pieces in the MyPlace™ Lounge Collection, we offer solutions designed to bring people together and foster community interaction,” said Jonathan Webb, KI’s Vice President of Workplace Strategy. “Community is an increasingly vital topic of conversation in the design world and it’s an ideal KI believes enhances environments in the education, business and healthcare markets.”

The KI showroom features a wide range of new furniture and architectural wall solutions in a variety of applications and settings, such as makerspaces, lobbies, collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, classrooms and training centers.

New at NeoCon

Headlines for KI at NeoCon 2019 include the addition of storage solutions to the award-winning Ruckus® Collection. Available this summer, super-functional Ruckus Storage keeps learning tools handy and learning spaces neat. Line enhancements include single-face cubbies, lockers, bookcases and tote storage units. All have a small footprint, space plan nicely within teaching spaces of all sizes and allow for easy reconfiguration of classrooms.

NeoCon2019_Ruckus Storage

Additions to the highly adaptable and configurable MyPlace™ Lounge Collection are debuting at NeoCon 2019 as well. The collection offers flexibility in lounge environments, activity areas and third spaces. New seating shapes and functional tables are being introduced to further support programming in small spaces and to create distinct environments.

New shapes include:

  • 30-degree curve backless/inside back/outside back
  • 45-degree curve backless/inside back/outside back
  • 60-degree curve backless/inside back/outside back
  • Single seat lounge chair with back
  • Cube ottoman in standard and junior size
  • Hexagon ottoman in standard and junior size
  • Inline laminate table with storage
  • Inline laminate table with storage and seat pad

NeoCon2019_MyPlace Shapes

Showroom visitors will be among the first to see the new Serenade™ Table, a versatile surface solution with robust customizable options. The Serenade Table is a perfect fit for libraries, conference rooms, third spaces and even private office desking. The table expands the established Serenade Collection.


Keeping people together in the hospital is at the heart of the Hiatus™ Sleeper Bench, an intuitively-designed sleep-over solution created to enhance the experience of visitors staying with their loved one. Hiatus allows guests to easily convert the bench from seating for several people to a sleeping surface the size of a standard twin-size bed.


Collections from Pallas Textiles, a subsidiary of KI, will also be shown at NeoCon 2019, including the forthcoming Minim™ Collection and recently launched Limn Collection.


Winner of a Best of NeoCon® gold award in 2018, the Tattoo™ Collection returns with a fresh look at workplace configurations and design options.

“Throughout the showroom we’re spotlighting different layouts, materials and finishes,” Webb said. “We’re also showcasing a variety of spaces created to encourage engagement and interaction and the many different work styles that can be accommodated by Tattoo and supporting products.”

Visitors will also get an early preview of KI’s privacy booth, WiggleRoom™. The highly adaptable and customizable booth is under development with the show offering an opportunity to check out this exciting product in its early phases.

Be part of a fun community

Stick around the KI showroom Monday (June 10) from 4-6 p.m. and expand your community with a party featuring hors d'oeuvres, a tapas station and a bar. A coffee bar, including iced coffee, will be available Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Daily showroom activities include an artistic and interactive string art wall that will provide a colorful exploration of how community connects us all while a makerspace offers visitors the chance to make a flower pot with select Pallas Textiles materials. Finally, be sure to register to win a Polaroid® OneStep camera being be given away as part of the show.

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