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Dealer Representative Program

Since the Dealer Representative Program was established by KI in May 1996, KI has continued to add independent Dealer Representative (DR) partners to territories throughout the United States. Due to the tremendous success in these territories, KI is actively looking to partner with additional entrepreneurial individuals and/or existing nonaligned office furniture dealers with an interest in selling KI products as their lead and primary line.

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Program Overview

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A Dealer Representative (DR) is an individual or independent business entity that works through and with our sales force to sell KI products to new and existing customers. The DR educates current and prospective customers on the broad offering of KI products and focuses on selling within a defined geographic territory, in various specified markets and to targeted accounts.

Within that territory, those markets and those accounts, the DR is the primary and preferred dealer distribution channel for KI. The DR receives the deepest available standard product discount from KI. 

The DR then earns income on the sale of KI products to customers at an increased price. KI puts no limitations or caps on DR earnings at standard discounts. KI consider deeper discounts on a project-by-project basis if market or competitive conditions warrant. 

Each DR partners with a local KI Sales Specialist teammate/mentor, working directly with them to maximize the sales and profitability within the DR’s assigned territory, specified markets and targeted accounts.

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Program Highlights

KI will provide initial and ongoing training and development: 

The DR will receive online and onsite training at KI Corporate. Online access is provided at no charge and KI will cover the air transportation, lodging and some meals for the DR to attend two 5-day sessions at KI Corporate in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Online Training 
The DR is provided with access to KI’s online training center (LMS) and is expected to complete all pre-work courses and assignments prior to coming to KI Corporate for new Rep/DR Training. 

Onsite Training 
The DR is enrolled in two 5-day training sessions at KI Corporate along with other new DRs, Sales Representatives and Inside Sales Specialists. KI provides this training to maximize our Sales Team’s sales performance by providing high quality training that aligns with KI’s goals and objective of providing our customers with creative and innovative solutions.

Week A – Culture, Brand and Market Strategy (5 days)

  • Corporate Communications Overview
  • Social Media Overview
  • A&D/Sustainability Overview
  • Pallas Overview
  • Wall Overview
  • Product Design & Marketing Overview
  • Product Training
  • Vertical Market Training
  • Chicago Showroom Walk-Thru & Activities 

Note: The final day of training will take place at the KI Chicago Showroom. All attendees will be bused to Chicago. Return flights for all attendees will depart from a Chicago airport. 


Week B – Sales Skills and Pipeline Processes (5 days)

  • KI Sales Process Overview
  • Account Planning & Strategy
  • Sales Skills Training
  • Using KI Resources for Presentations
  • Product Presentations
  • Sales Operations Meet & Greet – Overview of KI Sales Operations
  • KI Green Bay Factory Tour
  • Inside Sales Overview and Side-by-sides
  • Customer Meeting Activity

Access to KI’s Sales Automation Software 
The DR will receive on-line access to the following sales automation software via their own laptops or computers:

  • KI Training Portal
  • KI Sales Portal/DataHub
  • E:Spec Web (quoting/pricing)
  • Order Status (order tracking)
  • KI Checklists
  • (Optional: there is a cost to DRs for 
    this software)

Note: KI’s HelpDesk support is available 24 hours per day. A 2020 Giza Studio USB key will be provided at no cost to DRs that use this software. A $250 refundable deposit is required. 


Bill Direct Option 
With this option, KI bills a DR customer directly at no cost to the DR and at the price quoted by the DR. KI accrues the DR profit and pays 100% to the DR when the customer pays the KI invoice. Billing a DR customer directly eliminates or reduces the financial risk, and invoicing or billing costs as well as the time spent collecting payments directly from customers.

International Sales Meeting (ISM) 
Each DR is invited to attend the KI International Sales Meeting (ISM). KI announces the dates and location of this meeting each year. KI pays for transportation, lodging and some meals for DRs to attend the annual ISM.

DR-Only Additional Discount Program 
All DRs are eligible to receive an additional pre-approved discount on several of KI’s most popular products, including Unite, 700 Series, Barron, Portico, Pirouette, Trek, Rapture, Strive, Grazie, Versa, Matrix and Maestro.

DR Growth Bonus, Promotions and SPIFs 
All DRs are eligible to participate in KI’s DR Growth Bonus Program. Each year, KI pays a growth bonus on net KI product shipments exceeding an assigned baseline. On occasion, KI announces DR participation in various other promotions and SPIFs.

Lead Generation Support 
The KI Market Development department functions to support the sales channel. The Market Development Department is a free resource to all DRs providing qualified project leads, information gathering and market research support.

Literature and Product Samples 
The DR can order literature (in reasonable quantities) directly from KI Corporate at no cost. In addition, the DR has access to any KI product samples available at the district office. KI negotiates a generous discount directly with the DR for purchase of mock-up or specific product samples, or purchase of furniture for the DR’s personal or business needs.

KI Sales Operations and Corporate Services Support 
Any service KI provides to Reps, (CAD, space planning, customer service, project management, etc.) it also provides to each DR at no cost. In addition, the DR can obtain quotes for installation services directly from KI’s Corporate Services Department.



There are no costs or commission splits. 

No. KI does not limit or restrict a DR’s earnings when their profit is based on a standard discount. If an additional discount is provided to the DR, the DR’s earnings are negotiated with KI on an order-by-order basis. 

KI pays the DR markup on the order the last working day after the customer pays the KI invoice. 

The DR must always invoice KI to collect any billed installation charges and/or non-KI products included on the order. By providing an installation acceptance form (or equivalent) signed by the customer, the DR’s invoice will be paid prior to receipt of payment from the customer. A proof of delivery is needed to receive payment for any non-KI products on the order. 

Yes. As long as the DR is committed to selling KI products as the lead and primary furniture line, many DRs will represent other furniture lines that don’t compete directly with KI’s products. As a rule of thumb, approximately 70% of yearly sales for the DR should be KI products.

If KI bills the customer directly, KI will bill for all non-KI products when at least 75% of the purchase order is for KI products. DR has option of having KI order the non-KI product, or DR may purchase independently and have KI only handle customer billing.

The Market Development Department is a free resource available to all DRs. They provide qualified project leads, information gathering and market research support.

The DR has a non-exclusive right to solicit orders within a defined territory and specified markets. If another dealer presents an opportunity to a KI sales rep that is not being pursued by the DR, the KI sales rep can, at their discretion, provide pricing and accept an order from that dealer without compensation to DR.

Yes. KI Corporate or a District Office with CAD will provide CAD drawings and spaceplanning to the DR upon completion of the required drawing request form and any other informaton requested by the project coordinator. There is no charge for this service. In addition, KI will provide our in-house Encompass™ software at no charge to all DRs that own their own AutoCAD license.

No. KI provides all literature (in reasonable quantities) to the DR at no cost. In addition, each KI district manager has product samples available for use by the DR and KI sales reps. If a sample does not exist or a specific sample is required, the DR may purchase any needed sampled from KI at a special negotiated sample discount.

No. The DR is not a KI employee; they are independent contractors. Any insurance coverage and/or pension plan participation are the responsibility of the DR. Many new DRs have acquired affordable health insurance on their own or through their local chamber of commerce.

The income tax rates applicable to DRs may provide benefits to an individual depending on their personal circumstances. You should discuss with your accountant how the rates would impact or apply to you.

Any entrepreneurial individual or existing nonaligned dealer interested in becoming a DR should contact Pat Kawula (DR Program Manager) at KI Corporate at 920-468-2550 or complete the inquiry form provided on KI’s website. All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Additional Information

KI is currently the sixth-largest contract furniture manufacturer in the U.S. This ranking can be attributed in part to the company’s unrivaled success in the college and university sector. The company’s success extends into the K-12 market making KI the world’s leading provider of educational furnishings.

In addition to the education market segment, KI has shown success in several other core markets. The company dominates the business and fast growth segments and ranks ahead of all other manufacturers in the provision of office furnishings for the federal GSA program, holding numerous multiple-award contracts. KI has expanding its presence in the healthcare market with furniture from two of its acquisitions, AGI and ADD. 

Because of this vertical marketing – when one sector is experiencing an economic downturn KI’s resources can be shifted to enhance the other core markets making KI one of the most stable companies in the furniture manufacturing industry. KI’s growth has continued upwarf for the last decade and will continue to grow for many years to come. KI’s successful dealership relationships attest to our continuous and prosperous growth. 

Our core markets include College & University, K-12, Business, Healthcare and Government. 

KI is committed to our distribution partners: 

  • By working collectively to meet the needs of our customers through innovative products and services.
  • By being a trusted business partner.
  • By providing adequate training and support in KI's products and policies.
  • By offering fast and easy access to the materials and information which dealers need to effectively promote KI products to our customers.
  • By maintaining the highest levels of business.
  • By being an easy company with which to deal.  


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