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Norman, Oklahoma

KI Furniture Supports Employee Needs

Nextep is a premier Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides services to small and medium size businesses seeking assistance with employee benefits, workers compensation, payroll and human resources services. Located in Norman, OK, Nextep has experienced tremendous growth requiring a complete remodel of existing office space in a very short period of time.

The renovation and remodel was planned to accommodate 55 employees while also allowing room for expansion. “We set out to create a contemporary, exciting building where people want to come to work. The use of natural light and open workspaces attract new talent while ensuring our employees enjoy spending their time in the office,” said Melissa Grimes, Vice President of Operations. Nextep was challenged with constructing work areas that could be easily modified and office suite layouts repositioned. This was especially difficult given that construction was taking place while the building was already inhabited by employees.

In an attempt to create the most functional and engaging office space possible, Nextep and its interior designer interviewed every department, listened to employee needs and developed mock ups of workstations that specifically met the requirements of staff. This included height-adjustable worksurfaces which allow employees to sit and stand throughout the workday, benefiting overall health and employee productivity. KI worked collaboratively with Nextep and its interior designer to guide the design process and determine the aesthetics prior to concentrating on the technical aspects of the installation. The process was seamless from ideation to installation.

A variety of work areas were developed from private offices and open workspaces to a stunning conference room and lounge/café areas. KI’s Lightline and Genius architectural wall provided the perfect solution for private offices as well as meeting areas, bringing in natural light and flexibility should office layouts change. The unitized glass system is easily assembled, installed and may be modified with little disruption.

Our goal is to make Nextep a great place to work with a great facility. We’ve directly seen a morale boost and an increase in pride among our employees as well as profitability of the organization following the remodel and expansion.

Brian Fayak, President and CEO of Nextep

Unite® system integrated with Toggle® adjustable tables were specified for the majority of employee workstations, encouraging collaboration and allowing employees to sit and stand throughout the day. KI created custom frosted glass dividers which provided an additional level of privacy for employees while maintaining an open office feel.

KI’s Learn2® seating offered a functional yet fun solution for training and education areas. Its ease of use and range of mobility accommodates traditional learning styles as well as group interaction.

Nextep also focused on providing a variety of break areas and lounge spaces. Sela® lounge was the perfect complement to a casual lounge area while Strive® café stools added a vibrant pop of color and comfortable sit for Nextep’s café space. Lastly, a variety of pieces from KI’s Lyra® and Affina® collections furnished a fresh design aesthetic to an open lounge area for employees and guests.

KI provided contemporary yet functional product solutions throughout Nextep to support its employees’ workstyles and corporate aesthetic. Every product was carefully selected to reflect employee needs and meet operational objectives.

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