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Trek’s dynamic motifs mimic mountains and paths, taking you on a visual journey that meanders through landscape and architecture.

Edge Colors 

View colors and options for edge colors. Download swatches, care and maintenance information, and approved product applications.

Four Benefits of Privacy Pods at Colleges and Universities 

From supporting hybrid learning to improving mental health and well-being, discover how privacy pods fulfill modern higher education needs.  

Workplace Realities - Embracing VR and AR 

Virtual reality and augmented reality in the office is closer than you might think. Discover the possible impact on workplace design.


The leadership team at Wavetronix knew the design of their new campus needed to put employees first. To deliver on that goal, they turned to KI for guidance.

35 firms Honored as 'Green Masters' 

The greenest companies in Wisconsin this year are a varied mix, from large manufacturers and multinationals to small consulting firms and even a laser tag and game center on Milwaukee's south side.

Dealer Representative Program 

KI is actively looking to partner with entrepreneurial individuals and/or existing nonaligned office furniture dealers.

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