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Learn2 Junior 

With Learn2 Junior, the focus shifts to younger students. The smaller scale provides better comfort and easier movement so that a “little” can go a long way. Adept, flexible and student-focused

See It Spec It: Learn2 Seating 

Select product styles, options, colors and materials for Learn2 seating using See It Spec It, an interactive photo-realistic rendering tool.

Yakima Valley Community College 

The furnishings selected for Yakima Valley Community College’s new building fulfilled the campus’s needs and continue to delight both faculty and student users.

Barnegat High School 

When students at Barnegat High School felt like they were being held back by their classroom environment, they decided to revolutionize it.

The Secret Sauce to KI Quality: A Peek into Our Testing Lab 

Our customers know us by our industry-leading furniture quality and durability. Discover how we deliver on this brand promise through dedicated in-house testing for stability and strength.

KI Through the Eyes of Our Customers 

What makes people Think KI? Bryan Ballegeer shares recent research highlighting inspiration, innovation and inclusion.

The Evolution of Classroom Design Post-Pandemic 

Discover classroom solutions that can support social distancing in the short term and adapt for whatever the future holds.

KI Showcases Innovative Furniture and Architectural Wall Solutions at NeoCon 2016 

KI makes headlines at the NeoCon® World's Trade Fair 2016 with a series of innovative new products and enhancements that refresh current collections.

Three Reasons Why Flexibility Matters in K-12 Learning 

As we look to a new school year, we understand the need for flexible spaces. These 3 goals will help K-12 students & staff prioritize organic learning.

Four Furniture Challenges Facing Colleges 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common campus design problems and explore how to solve them when you “Think KI.”
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