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System 3000 Panel System

System 3000 Panel System System 3000 Panel System System 3000 Panel System System 3000 Panel System System 3000 Panel System
Product Story
KI designed System 3000 to be responsive, flexible and extendable. It's a sleek, modular panel system engineered to help you make the most of your valuable office space.System 3000 has all the pieces you need to solve the space-saving puzzle. Panels easily conform to place, person and purpose whether it's shared spaces, private offices or collaborative areas. High design and enduring style is at the core of the System 3000 panel system.A sleek steel base provide maximum durability. Glass panels provide acoustic privacy and contemporary beauty. Durable steel shelves and overhead cabinets blend with the remainder of the office aesthetic. Transaction counters are perfect for reception areas or collaborative workspaces. Mobile conference tables can stand alone or may be used to extend end panels, allowing for impromptu meetings. Tackboards add a touch of color while providing a place to post information. Add the PowerUp module to conveniently bring power to the worksurface.With an endless amount of edge styles and powerful components to choose from, this panel system may be custom built to match your design vision.

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