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Sequence HD Fixed Seating

Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Sequence HD provides comfortable condensed fixed seating with narrow row-to-row spacing (30")
  • Beam-mounted flip seats in curved or straight configurations
  • Three seating styles
  • Three tablet styles
  • Power/USB option

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  • Basic bases are rectangular tubular steel column
  • Seating styles include: Torsion Air, Torsion on the Go! and Strive
  • Tablet arms have a self-storing, one-motion mechanism and are available in small, medium or large sizes
  • Tablets are plywood core with high-pressure laminate top and clear lacquer edge

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Product Story
Sequence HD lecture hall seating provides comfortable, condensed fixed seating with sufficient aisle room for easy use and cleaning. With the narrowest row-to-row spacing of any fixed seating, Sequence HD allows for the most efficient seating wherever space is at a premium. Side-to-side spacing is also flexible since arms are independent from seats. Row-to-row aisle space is easy to navigate since seats and tablet arms automatically fold to the stored position when vacated. These flip-up seats and durable beam-mounted floor supports make cleaning and maintenance easy, too. Beams can be straight or curved and mounted to flat or sloped floors. Sequence HD lecture hall seating is available with Strive, Torsion on the Go! or Torsion Air seat shells in flex or non-flex backs. Sequence HD offers three tablet sizes, arms, or armless options. Optional USB power module accommodates technology needs. Sequence HD lecture hall seating is ideal for lecture halls, classrooms and meeting rooms.

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