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Intellect Wave Chair

Intellect Wave Chair Intellect Wave Chair Intellect Wave Chair Intellect Wave Chair Intellect Wave Chair
Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Intellect Wave's unique flexing shell design provides comfort and durability for classrooms
  • 4-leg, 4-leg with casters, cantilever base, music chair and tablet arm chair
  • Optional book rack for 4-leg and cantilever base chairs
  • Poly or upholstered

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  • One-piece contoured shell is made of static-free high-impact polypropylene
  • Frames are 3/4" x 1-1/2" elliptical steel tubing
  • Frames are finished in either baked-on electrostatically-applied 30-degree gloss epoxy powder-coat paint or bright nickel-chrome plating
  • Glides are nylon, steel or felt

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Product Story

Designed by Shawn Barrett, Intellect Wave's unique flexing back provides exceptional comfort and permits a certain degree of movement that results in better attentiveness and learning retention. Intellect Wave classroom chair has a unique shell design that has all the proper curves to support functionality and ergonomics in the classroom. Engineered to withstand tough classroom use, Wave exceeds industry standards for durability. Elliptical tubing provides superior frame strength and lightweight, textured poly shells resist scratching, fading, chipping and denting. The result is classroom furniture that gives years of low-maintenance service.

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