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Impress Task Stool

Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Impress task stools offer impressive comfort for less money
  • Ultra-cushioned seat is made with a highly resilient foam for a soft, yet supportive sit
  • Three control levers; adjustable seat height, back angle lock or movement and seat depth adjustment
  • Pivoting T-arm, adjustable T-arm, loop arm, adjustable loop arm or armless

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  • Backrest is injection molded plastic board covered with contoured molded foam and upholstery with a textured black back shroud
  • Seat height range - 22.25" to 30"
  • Base is 26" diameter, five-blade reinforced nylon in black only
  • Carpet or hard floor casters

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Product Story
Impress® task stools offer extraordinary comfort for less money. The secret to comfort is its high-performance foam formulation. In addition, seat depth, arm height and arm width adjustments are options. Adjustable back height and back lock are standard.Impress task seating is available with four arm options: pivoting T-arm, adjustable T-arm, loop arm and adjustable loop arm. The pedestal base is available in black only.

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