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KI Highlights Human-Centered Design at Neocon 2017

June 12, 2017

CHICAGO - Visitors to KI's showroom (#1181) at the NeoCon® World's Trade Fair 2017 will see how KI's product solutions and architectural wall portfolio work to physically connect people and spaces, creating productive, harmonious environments for all markets and applications.

 “Simply stated, we design our products for people based on extensive observational research. Through Human-Centered Design, we observe and design ideas and concepts that are for and about people,” said Shawn Green, vice president of design and product marketing, KI. “We're excited to meet with customers and share how our research has informed and led to the design of new products that not only support common work styles but innate human behaviors that affect the everyday use of space for work, for care and for teaching and learning.”

The showroom features a wide range of new KI furniture and architectural wall solutions in a variety of applications and settings, such as administrative areas, lobbies, collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, classrooms and training centers. Of note are the Ruckus™ Collection, Universal Height-Adjustable Screens, the Pillar™ Table and MyPlace™ Lounge Collection.

Ruckus Collection

The Ruckus Collection disrupts the design paradigm and redefines the boundaries of learning spaces through inspired design thinking. Ruckus allows users the freedom to concentrate, collaborate and innovate on their terms. Movement is proven to be essential to our cognitive development and learning. The Ruckus Collection is leading that movement by fostering engagement, enabling a wide range of learning styles, and adapting to a variety of users and uses.

The collection includes innovative seating that promotes essential movement and user choice (stack and 4-leg chairs in two heights, stools in two heights and task chairs); fixed and adjustable desks that adapt to individuals and circumstances; plus super-functional storage that keeps learning tools at hand and learning spaces neat (bookcases, cubbies, lockers and work tables).

Ruckus seating is stackable, lightweight, non-directional and perch-able for easy space adaptations and improved sight lines. Integrated back and arms also function as a work ledge for impromptu collaboration and accommodates leaning or perching.  Ruckus desking adjusts to create tiered learning environments or adapt to any user with a roller option for easy maneuverability.

Ruckus shakes up learning spaces and goes beyond education environments to enhance many other settings. Makerspaces, tiered classrooms, labs, interactive pods, training rooms for business or healthcare settings - Ruckus brings choice, engagement and scalability to a wide variety of spaces. 

Universal Height-Adjustable Screen

NeoCon attendees will also be able to experience the introduction of the Universal Height-Adjustable Screen, which was created with modesty and privacy in mind. The screen is easily affixed to a worksurface or table, allowing employees to work the way they want, when they want, with the freedom to move the screen to the desired position. It also serves as a surface for tacking important documents or personal items like photos. Choose from acoustic PET felt and colorful opaque acrylic.

The Universal Height-Adjustable Screen is the perfect answer to open plan offices when employees need a bit of privacy. Workers can pull the screen all the way up, to its maximum height, for a private phone call; or push the screen down for under-surface modesty. Users can change their work setting with a push or pull of the Universal Height-Adjustable Screen.   

Pillar Table Collection

KI is also introducing the Pillar Table Collection. The Pillar Table Collection is defined by clean lines, a simple leg and a multitude of configurable top shapes. Simple and straightforward, Pillar tables provide a place to gather, an area to create or spot to focus.

From elementary classrooms to corporate training rooms, users can arrange Pillar tables into endless configurations for that “just right” learning environment. Combine 120-degree tables to create a serpentine touchdown space; round and square shapes encourage collaboration in café and third spaces. Diamond and reduction shapes combine for a variety of configurations or separate into single tables for more individual use. 

Pillar Table Collection consists of 10 standard top shapes that can be combined or used individually for a variety of purposes. The tables are available in a 29” standard height or a 42” café height option. Surface options feature 50 standard laminates, including markerboard. Leg options include more than 30 powdercoat paints and chrome.

MyPlace Lounge Collection

NeoCon attendees will also have the pleasure of previewing MyPlace Lounge Collection which is being introduced in June 2017. MyPlace offers fun, functional, fully-upholstered lounge pieces that provide flexibility to regenerative spaces and areas of interaction. Perfect for high traffic or communal spaces within schools, libraries, modern offices, and healthcare.

Use individually or in group settings, MyPlace's modular design allows for endless configurations. It's lightweight construction and optional casters make MyPlace easy to re-arrange. The collection offers 11 unique shapes available in both Standard and Junior sizes, providing variety in both function and aesthetic.  

Pallas Textiles

New collections from Pallas Textiles, a subsidiary of KI, will also be shown at NeoCon 2017, including Mid Century Mood, the Ineffable Collection and Loft Collection.

Showroom Highlights

In addition to new products, KI's showroom features a series of established furniture designs and technologies for business, healthcare, government and education markets.

Highlights include:

  • Evoke® Architectural Wall - Evoke is a new paradigm in movable wall and permanent construction. It is more adaptable, seamless, movable, affordable, and creates quieter spaces than any wall system before it. It renders drywall virtually obsolete. Evoke installs quickly and easily. It can be painted and accessorized on site. KI offers inkjet printing on Evoke panels to feature unlimited textures, finishes or custom graphics. Evoke is highly recyclable. It is pre-assembled, minimizing dust and debris. Evoke is constructed with non-offgassing materials contributing to better indoor air quality for sensitive environments.  
  • Sway® Lounge Seating - The first of its kind, Sway lounge seating breaks free from conventional movement and enables dynamic orbital motion. Move front- to-back, side-to-side and everywhere in between with a smooth 360-degree swivel. Instead of a lounge chair that forces you to adapt, Sway adapts to you, responding to your natural body movements to provide superior comfort.
  • MyWay® Lounge Seating - MyWay responds to the needs of each user with a wide variety of seating styles, allowing users to interact with the chair in varied unconventional seating styles-all while providing unparalleled ergonomic support. Users have the ability to sit on any horizontal surface and can sit in a variety of positions ranging from across the piece, diagonally, pretzel legged and more.
  • Dōni® Seating Collection - Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, Dōni celebrates color, comfort and design. Dōni is available in an extensive palette of materials, colors (including two-tone options) and base styles. This comprehensive seating collection offers endless design freedom and superior comfort. The articulating chair delivers exceptional comfort and unlimited design opportunities.
  • Connection Zone® Benching - Efficient and simple, Connection Zone Benching maximizes the square footage of a workspace. Its universal design supports focused, individual work, serves as a temporary touch-down space and facilitates the collaborative process of a group. Its unique telescoping base supports change. Worksurfaces may be easily removed or added to a base - expanding or contracting work areas. Optional privacy screens, dividers and modesty panels enable users to define personal space and establish a higher degree of privacy in open, collaborative environments.
  • Pirouette Table - Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the innovative articulating leg of Pirouette creates a leg-within-leg nesting solution unlike any other. As Pirouette's top is raised, the legs articulate. Pirouette easily reconfigures and nests for simple storage and adaptability. Pirouette is available in five different top shapes that support both training applications and learning configurations. 


There will be a variety of activities going on throughout KI's showroom. Meet our makerspace leader Brittni Mehlhoff. Brittni is the founding editor of the award-winning blog, Paper & Stitch, a modern lifestyle site focused on DIY projects, travel, interiors and more. Join her for a DIY project featuring Pallas Textiles in KI's showroom.

KI is unveiling a new social media initiative, #designmoves. It's more than a hashtag. It's our philosophy. Design moves people - physically and emotionally. Snap a pic of how design moves you, tag it, and share on social media. Stop by to see how your image is woven into our socially generated mosaic, Five lucky social posters will receive a $500 gift card to a custom online framing service.

KI will host its signature event on Monday at 4 p.m. Don't miss the Ruckus: craft brews, watercolor treats and bao tacos! Coffee service, sweet treats and more will be available throughout the show.

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