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What makes KI a company of choice? Some believe it is our continued growth, our company values, and a culture that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Others believe it is the commitment we extend to our employees to allow them to enjoy a better quality of life both at work and at home. 

KI strives to reward employees for their contributions in many ways with competitive compensation, career opportunities, and training. All aspects of our employee's lives are important to us and we have designed our compensation and benefit programs to encompass this aspect. 

Our benefit programs are as diverse as our workforce, and may vary by geographic location and/or business unit. Some benefits are provided at no cost to employees, while some are optional and require an employee contribution. 

Health and Dental Insurance 
KI provides a comprehensive health and dental insurance program which is designed to be cost effective and of the highest quality. KI's health insurance was formed in such a fashion as to offer incentives to those individuals who adopt healthier lifestyles. 

Prescription Drug Program 
KI provides a retail prescription drug card program along with a mail order service to employees and family members covered under the Medical Plan. 

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance 
All full-time and part-time employees meeting a few basic requirements are eligible for Life Insurance and Accidental Death benefits. 

Short-Term Disability
Short-Term Disability benefits are completely paid for by the company. The benefits are graduated based on years of service with a maximum allowable benefit of 13 weeks in any 12-month rolling period. 

Long-Term Disability
The company also finances long-Term Disability coverage for the Corporate staff and as an optional benefit for Plant staff. The coverage is designed to give employees the assurance of income in the event of a catastrophic injury or serious illness. 

Employees Rights Under FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act):
KI provides family leave benefits to employees that meet a few basic requirements: The following posters detail an employee's rights under FMLA: 
Federal FMLA Poster Federal Military Caregiver Poster Wisconsin FMLA Poster 

Vacation & Holiday Pay
Vacation time with pay is provided to employees based on length of service and full or part time status. KI observes nine paid holidays each year. 

401 (K) Savings Plan
KI offers a 401(K) saving plan to employees that enables them to make pre-tax contributions to a retirement plan. After six months of employment the company will match .50 cents for each dollar an employee contributes to the plan up to 4% of their wages. 

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
The Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a retirement plan, offered to any salaried employee (Plant or Corporate), which is fully funded by the company. Contributions are made by KI based on personal income and the performance of the company during the year up to federally regulated maximum of 15%. 

Educational Reimbursement
KI encourages its employees to continue their education by attending seminars and taking courses through an accredited institution of higher learning. KI will pay for business related seminars, and reimburse for class expenses according to the Educational Reimbursement Policy. 

On-site Fitness Center & Wellness Program
Available to Corporate employees and their families for use. KI encourages a healthy lifestyle and offers a flexible lunch schedule to encourage employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise. 

On-site Eatery & On-the-Go Cafe
The KI café offers the convenience of onsite dining for breakfast and lunch. A variety of hot and cold meals and snacks are prepared daily. A full-service beverage counter offers fresh smoothies as well as gourmet espresso selections from Stone Creek Coffee. In addition, a 24-hour grab-n-go cooler and snack counter are always available for self-service. KI employees can also take advantage of onsite catering through Aramark for large meetings and events.

Employment Notifications

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