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Modified Products 

Through Infinity From KI, we welcome the opportunity to “modify” or customize our standard product solutions. Learn more about our tried-and-true process.

Place Matters 

Traditional office spaces are no longer a necessity for many businesses — the acceleration of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic proved that — so the existence of these spaces must be driven by

See It Spec It 

This interactive tool generates a photo-realistic rendering of KI product in real time as you select styles, options and materials.

Cornerstone Eye Care 

Cornerstone Eye Care initiated the building of an all-new facility designed to provide quality ophthalmic care delivered in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Give Students a Break. It Helps Them Learn. 

When given control over their time, students craft their own learning experiences. It's time to prioritize learning over education.

How Did COVID-19 Change Education? 

In a recent Spaces4Learning podcast, Schools in Focus, we discussed education in a post-pandemic world and what “learning loss” really means.

How Architectural Walls Enhance Healthcare Spaces 

Architectural walls are an efficient and cost-effective means of creating a versatile healthcare space.

Kentucky teacher wins $40,000 classroom makeover 

A Lexington elementary school teacher has officially won a classroom makeover.

The Impact of Furniture within Learning Spaces 

What is the impact of furniture within learning space? Find out the results and learn more about KI's Ruckus Grant Program.

Bring Your Whole Self 

Metropolis magazine hosts panel discussions around design's impact on the city, its people and the way we work and live.
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