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This colorful reinterpretation of an organic plaid reveres the artfulness of the stitch in its most basic form.


Named for the Sanskrit word for eternal, Amari’s rich surface is achieved through novelty yarns with the hand-loomed feel of an antique sari.


Posh explores balenciaga, the symbiosis of elegance and cool that still maintains the legacy of its original grandeur.

Nemours Children's Health System 

State-of-the-art Nemours Children’s Health System not only serves the usual inpatient population, but also serves outpatient visitors in their 65,000 square foot facility.

Soltice Metal Collection 

Soltíce Metal maximizes purposeful form and function, resulting in a supportive solution for healthcare and high-performance applications.

Discontinued Products 

The following products are discontinued. KI will still honor product warranties from the original date of purchase.

KI Introduces Sonrisa Lounge Furniture 

KI is proud to introduce Sonrisa, a collection of small-scale, yet stylish lounge furniture pieces designed to maximize space, comfort, and design flexibility.

Modular Wall Systems Provide Dynamic Options in Health Care Facilities 

Prefabricated solutions help to improve flexibility, infection prevention and patient privacy.

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