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This pattern’s depth emerges through matalesse construction, which gives it a quilted appearance and soft hand.


A fabric worthy of a mental vacation, Streetscape offers an aerial view of the winding web of streets below with soft textured land blocks nestled between them.


Dramatic blooms and vivid colors are hallmarks of spring’s classic tulip. Matte and high sheen contrast in this complex abstract pattern.


Create a look of sophistication and elegance comparable to leather with Umbel, a beautifully smoothed vinyl with subtle crevices.


Like a silk worm’s soft cocoon, Unspun offers a textured and dimensional surface… the soft hand of velvet with the peace of mind of Crypton®.


Subtle striping and variable yarn sizes create this timeless texture. Its woven complex structure is deceptively simple from afar.


Smooth, bold lines run the length of Vista upholstery, portraying long narrow passageways with visual symmetry.


Mimicking the look of patinaed metal, Burnish plays with matte and sheen to brighten any space and emanate a positive vibe.


Named for the Sanskrit word for eternal, Amari’s rich surface is achieved through novelty yarns with the hand-loomed feel of an antique sari.


Bonnaroo is a lively, colorful stripe with a rhythmic spirit. Hues mix and mingle, resulting in visual harmony.
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