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Inlay plays with layering and ombre effects. A raised network on the surface gives way to glimpses of jewel-like color.


Overlaid by a network of wavy lines that mimic latticework, the colorful strokes of Lattice dissolve into each other and create an ombré effect.


Intricately textured, Ode captures the delicate tones of some of the most variegated natural fibers in an alluring blend of yarns.


Chic and sculptural, it plays with geometric shapes and linear elements to create an abstract pattern reminiscent of bold mid-century designs.


Mod offers a hybrid between a decorative and geometric design in an array of vivid hues and complex neutrals.


Friendship Bracelet’s tightly woven material emulates the weaving, twisting and knotting threads of this popular summer camp craft.


Water is the fundamental element of life. Ion brings design to life with hexagonal grid work inspired by the molecular breakdown of water.


Rogue is a bold free-spirited pattern that offers adventurous color and simplicity. Suitable for upholstery or wrapped panel applications.


Point is a confluence of dots, changing color based on where it is in depth and distance, creating an effect like sequins reflecting light.


Patina is a near solid with the appearance of a textured surface that has beautifully aged over time.
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