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The patinaed ground effect creates a finely crafted foundation, but organic brush strokes make this pattern look hand-painted rather than woven.


A fresh take on conventional plaids, this stylish textile breaks bands of color with a monochromatic grid to create a pixelated subtle plaid.


Overlaid by a network of wavy lines that mimic latticework, the colorful strokes of Lattice dissolve into each other and create an ombré effect.


Tatami explores the geometric subtleties of Asian architectural elements from traditional tatami matted floors to shoji partitions.


Exceptional, perfectly spaced stitching is a hallmark of a well-made garment and the inspiration behind Stitch.


A fabric giving a worthy nod to the art of spindled thread. Fibers were twisted and spun into thread to create this elegant, rich upholstery.


Invision is a playful upholstery that brings soft colors to life with subtle lines and transformative bubbles.


By layering textures and colors with a splash of metallic fibers, Oasis offers a refreshing take on traditional panel cloths.


Oath mesh adjusts with your body as you move, offering exceptional comfort and elegance for your workspace needs.


Resembling the urban grid structure where streets run parallel and perpendicular, this pattern is order in the midst of chaotic city life.
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