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Playful & Adaptable

Up, down and all around, young students often learn best when they’re on the move. Completely immersing themselves in their surrounding spaces, they imagine, create, build, climb, nestle … and learn. 

Imaginasium Blocks and Blips allow them to do just that. These lightweight foam shapes easily adapt to a range of interactive learning and teaching methods—experiential, experimental, play-based, floor-based, tiered seating, cocooning and more—to comfortably and creatively engage the littlest learners.

Easy to Carry and Configure

Made of lightweight foam, Imaginasium Blocks and Blips are easy to maneuver. This soft seating is specifically scaled for young learners and can be used alone or in combination to create agile, adaptable environments.

Space-Efficient Storage

When not in use, Imaginasium Blocks and Blips store easily and efficiently to make the most of limited footprints. Blocks can be stacked as a cuboid. Blips stack ten-high onto a caddy.

Comfortable and Durable

More comfortable than traditional plastic chairs or floors, Imaginasium Blocks and Blips are foam elements with no wood or other hard parts to bump or bruise. Imaginasium Blocks and Blips are designed to stand up to wear and tear with reinforced seams/ stitching and industrial-grade zippers.

Imagine the Possibilities

Explore the endless possibilities with the easily adaptive nature of Imaginasium. 

Imaginasium Blocks 

Imaginasium Blocks feature adaptable, modular shapes designed to support unlimited configuration for students to imagine, create, build and grow.

Imaginasium Blips 

Bring comfort to any part of the classroom. Imaginasium Blips allow students to move and change positions, supporting impromptu seating and gatherings while improving circulation and learning engagement.

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