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Damaged Product Process

To expedite resolution, please review and complete the instructions below. Then, call your KI customer service representative at 800.454.9796.
We continuously work to improve packaging, handling and delivery of your shipment and maintain a low damage claim ratio by industry standards. However, if you or your customer receive a shortage or damaged product, refer to the following freight claim procedure to expeditiously file and resolve a claim.

Upon Delivery

Shortage at Time of Delivery

If the shipment is short, note the quantity of cartons or skids missing. Make sure the carrier signs all copies of the carrier bills and call your Customer Service Representative. Carriers will not honor claims related to shortage after a shipment has been received without notation of shortage.

Damage Noted at Time of Delivery

Note the bill of lading or delivery receipt as “damaged product” before the driver leaves, receive the product, and call your Customer Service Representative. If the driver refuses to wait, record his/her full name on the carrier bill and note that the product is damaged. The notation of “subject to inspection” or “packaging/carton damage” is not a valid way to report damage during delivery.

Damage Noted After Delivery

If damage is noticed after the delivery receipt is signed “clear of damage” (aka concealed damage) follow these instructions:

To view a PDF of these guidelines, click here.


Instructional Video

How to Receive & Inspect KI Product

Shipping and handling is a critical step in the ordering process. We want to ensure a positive experience upon final delivery, but we understand that damage may occur during transit. If you observe any issues while inspecting KI product, this video will provide direction for how to report back to KI so we can replace or repair damages.

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