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    Isle Power Tower

    Isle Power Tower is an adaptive charging solution, providing mobility in any workspace. Simultaneous use allows users to interact and engage while staying connected.

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    Concerto Auditorium Seating

    Concerto® auditorium seating offers contoured comfort and contemporary design. Embrace creative teaching and accommodate students' needs with optional technology support.

  • Signal Synchronization Center Project Profile

    Signal Synchronization Center Project Profile

    Signal Synchronization Center was in search of a single supplier to provide the perfect product solutions throughout the building. The center looked to KI for furnishings to enrich existing décor and achieve a LEED Silver certification.
  • Products by Name

    Products by Name Already know the name of the KI furniture you’re interested in? Simply click on the appropriate letter to quickly find the listing. Our complete offering of contract furniture is listed here, including movable walls, tables,

  • Symbols and E-Spec

    Symbols/E-Spec Encompass® CAD and Encompass® Specifier Software (E-Spec), U.S. Patent No. 8,065,623, Can. Patent No. 2,589,876 To help make planning and specifying KI products a smooth process, KI has developed and maintains Encompass®, a two-part tool.

  • Sustainable Practices

    We’ve made a comprehensive effort to incorporate sustainable practices and policies into our manufacturing responsibilities.

  • Certifications

    KI offers a variety or environmental certifications for its products and manufacturing services.