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This pattern’s attention to detail is awe-inspiring. Fine denure yarns of varying thicknesses create a beautiful large-scale filigree pattern.


Chic captures the effect of glimmering embroidered crystals by using a high-contrast twist yarn with a subtle shimmer effect.


With dual-color chenille yarns and understated dimension, Carmin’s exceptional material can anchor almost any project.


This striated plain honors its namesake, the Hindi word for painting, with a tonal pattern evocative of loose brushstrokes and sun-worn dyes.


Allure mimics the richly embroidered fabrics and exquisite detailing of the Parisian fashion house of Balmain.


Lush boucle mimics the linear wales of corduroy, while an added layer of smooth, irregularly spaced lines breaks the simple horizontal.


Grid leverages layers and a multi-dimensional design to create a look as modern as the steel underpinnings of a skyscraper.


Inspired by origami folds, Fortune Teller is a sophisticated graphic with detailed linework and color combinations.


Aptly named for the Goddess of the Harvest and Grain, this multi-colored textural pattern is reminiscent of grain sheaves.


Floridian vinyl upholstery provides a soft pop of color in vibrant hues to enhance your space. Long-lasting with an abrasion resistance of 375,000 double rubs.
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