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Pirouette Height-Adjustable Gangers and Electrical 

Unique for height-adjustable tables, our innovative ganger design allows you to raise or lower your table height without jeopardizing room layout. The Byrne Pattern power jumper allows motion between

See It Spec It: Pirouette Tables 

Select product styles, options, colors and materials for Pirouette tables using See It Spec It, an interactive photo-realistic rendering tool.


This layout supports heads-down work, interaction with others, ideation of ideas, and regeneration all within one space. This layout supports all work styles within one space. Segregated workstations

Triangular Power Tower 

Modified from our Backbone media platform, this triangular power tower offers dual functionality for collaborative learning environments. Creatively integrate power within collaborative learning

Instruct Mobile Pedestal Desk 

This modified version of our Instruct mobile desk with a Pirouette leg and integrated storage pedestal is the epitome of incredible function and aesthetics. An integrated mobile storage and

KI Highlights Human-Centered Design at Neocon 2017 

See how KI's product solutions and architectural walls work to connect people and spaces, creating productive, harmonious environments for all markets and applications.

KI Showcases Innovative Furniture and Architectural Wall Solutions at NeoCon 2016 

KI makes headlines at the NeoCon® World's Trade Fair 2016 with a series of innovative new products and enhancements that refresh current collections.

Year in Review: Top 5 Products for Workplace Design in 2023 

As we close the curtains on 2023, we look back at the year and reflect on the critical trends and insights that informed workplace design strategies across the industry.

California State University, Sacramento 

Sacramento State has now doubled the amount of seating capacity in its AIRC building, with MyWay becoming the “go-to-chair of choice” for students. The new spaces embody versatility, allowing faculty


Upward, located in Hartford, CT., provides space for startups, entrepreneurs, universities and corporations to connect.
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