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Chic captures the effect of glimmering embroidered crystals by using a high-contrast twist yarn with a subtle shimmer effect.


Athalie uses multiple colors of chenille to create a small-scale pattern that is structured in appearance yet has a forgiving hand.


Equal parts classic and contemporary, Ballad features a random interplay of colorful textural yarns on a subtly dimensional ground.


Bonnaroo is a lively, colorful stripe with a rhythmic spirit. Hues mix and mingle, resulting in visual harmony.


Crestal offers a rich, textured appearance worthy of it's namesake. Resembling a freshly cut crystal, its subtle lines will outline your product beautifully.


Overlaid by a network of wavy lines that mimic latticework, the colorful strokes of Lattice dissolve into each other and create an ombré effect.


Like the rows of a manicured Parisian garden, the abstracted, organic pattern of Le Fleur offers structure while evoking a fresh simplicity.


With lively, vibrant horizontal stripes, Majolica takes its name from the bright-colored pottery crafted on the island of Majorca.


Pop art exploded onto the scene in the 60s. Halftone imitates a reproduction technique that uses dots in various sizes and spacings.


Designing a woven fabric is impossible without drafting on graph paper. This grid weave pays homage to the basis of all woven structures.
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