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    KI Neocon 2013

    It's been two years now that Shawn Green has been Director of Design and the experience has been "fantastic," to use his word. And, not to pretend to be a design critic, his effect upon product design has been noticeable and favorable.

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    Talking and Thinking

    Instead of simply showing off the company's new products, KI will be introducing new ideas -- concepts that get the industry talking and thinking about how to take the new products and use them in different, interesting ways.

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    Sitting Is The New Smoking: KI Talks Sit-Stand Desking

    KI's Jonathan Webb, vice president, business markets, recently discussed the health benefits of standing at work with Jim Bohannon from the nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon Show (3.3 million listeners).

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    Say Goodbye To The Office Cubicle

    Walls come down at many companies as formal meetings morph into casual huddles, younger workers feel restless tethered to desks.

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    Grazie Mille

    The Grazie stacking chair from KI aims to relieve some of the aches and pains that come with our modern lifestyle.

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    At KI, Digital Fab Reduces Cycle Time

    One of the top uses for digital fabrication is rapid prototyping directly from 3D CAD data. Tim Hornberger, new product development manager for KI - the Green Bay-based manufacturer of furniture and movable wall systems - explains some of 

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    High-tech Desks

    Don't try carving your name into the desks that some media schools are implementing. When Orlando-area media arts academy Full Sail University adds or renovates space for new classrooms, it now installs KI Datalink desks.

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    Furniture: Finding The Best Fit

    Deciding what office furniture and systems will work best for occupants means examining the designs, materials and quality that will work for the next 10 to 15 years.

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    Furnishing For Flexibility

    A new Natural Science Building at Palm Beach Community Colleg maximizes flexibility for academic success and employee wellness.

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    Get Movin'

    While the term "movable walls" may sound like a bit of an oxymoron, this interior product category continues to expand, offering significant cost savings, environmental benefits, and flexibility when compared to its fixed wall counterpart. With the