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Jonathan Matta

Education Market Leader

Latest Posts

February 7, 2023 How to Support Students with Individualized Design that Appeals to All 

Learn how universal design creates an environment that adapts and responds to students' individual needs in a way that’s impactful for everyone.

February 1, 2023 Furniture Design Inspiration from the Youngest Learners: The Story of Imaginasium 

Discover how this innovative design solution began with observational research to better understand how young students think, behave and interact with their learning environment.

January 17, 2023 How Adaptive Environments Fuel Learning and Connection 

Learn how authentic, adaptive learning spaces for young students support the process of cognitive development by way of fun, playful, comfortable environments that feel like home.

October 25, 2022 How to Support Students Who Don’t Plan to Attend a Four-Year College 

Less than one-third of high school graduates will receive a four-year college degree. By dedicating resources to career and technical education, we can set up all students for success.

October 18, 2022 Opportunity from Disruption: Technology in the Classroom 

Amid the ongoing teacher shortage, how can schools use technology to keep educators on board and accommodate students at every level of academic achievement?

April 12, 2022 How Student Feedback Transforms Learning Spaces 

We partnered with IIDA to go behind the scenes of three schools that transformed their learning spaces with student feedback. Here’s what we learned.


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