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Large Software Developer

Redmond, Washington

Co-created Workstations Support
Flexible Work Environment

A large software developer that relocated to a big open environment needed furniture that fit their informal, creative culture. The workstations needed to focus on mobility and easy reconfigurability by facilities personnel to support the formation of project teams on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

Shannon Gaffney, Senior Principal, SKB Architects was familiar with the rapid prototyping process KI employs through its Infinity process.

“We wanted to break up modules, put back-painted glass where they didn’t want it. Put acoustic tiles where normally you wouldn’t. Use materials nobody had ever used,” she said. “KI was able to meet those needs and actually put together some additional offerings because they could tell where we were going.”

The end result was a co-created workstation that included dynamic, reconfigurable solutions such as slidable storage, writable panel surfaces, integrated side-seating and height-adjustable desks with waterfall worksurfaces crafted from rapidly renewable bamboo.

VIDEO Infinity from KI at Large Software Developer 

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