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South Newton Middle School

Kentland, Indiana

Traditional Media Center Transforms into Student-Favorite Hub

Located in a very rural district, South Newton School Corporation consists of an elementary, middle, and high school with nearly 900 students sharing a common campus. Educators set out to transform the traditional, fixed library space into a dynamic media center focused on today's students, their use of technology, and the importance of collaborative learning.

The new, dynamic media center makeover has gained popularity and a dramatic increase in student traffic. The mobility factor of the selected furniture is just one of the reasons. "It's exactly what we wanted to happen," explained Mulligan. "Students can now move and arrange the furniture to suit their immediate needs."

Mulligan feels the instructional value of the space has grown "1000%." "Teachers enjoy using the media center as an engaged classroom; the markerboards are probably their favorite tool."

One particular challenge within the space was an immovable pole in the rear of the room that supplies electrical connection. As a solution, tables were placed around the pole. "Turns out, students love that spot and like the ability to plug in," said Mulligan. "They tend to congregate there and it has become a very successful and collaborative work area."

Upon completion, the school's superintendent was so impressed, he immediately ordered additional seating solutions to further complement the new environment.

The media center has now become the absolute hub of our school buildings. 

South Newton Middle School Principal Tansey Mulligan

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