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Northwestern Mutual

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Co-created Solutions Designed for Innovation and Collaboration

Everything about the 32-story Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons is designed to represent the company’s transformation from being the best life insurance company to the best financial security company. To do that, Northwestern Mutual needed interior office space designed for innovation and collaboration.

“With employee engagement, you think about allowing people to work their best wherever that may be,” said Cal Schattsneider, Northwestern Mutual VP of Campus Planning and Operations. “And that got us thinking about flexible, agile workspaces that can be designed or changed depending on what the next project or work effort might be.”

After evaluating the portfolios of several furniture manufacturers, Northwestern Mutual realized it needed a furniture solution that didn’t exist. The company turned to KI and its Infinity process to co-create adaptable workspaces that put employees 100% in control.

The result provided the ideal environment for employees to collaborate, innovate and ultimately deliver greater value to Northwestern Mutual clients. In addition, the space proves to be an asset for attracting and retaining the talent needed for Northwestern Mutual to grow.

VIDEO Infinity from KI at Northwestern Mutual 

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