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Metropolitan College

New York, New York

KI Furniture Solutions are Comprehensive, Multipurpose in Educational Space

After 20 years in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) abandoned its costly location to purchase 90,000 square feet of space within a newer building in lower Manhattan’s Financial District, giving the college control of its environment and its future.

MCNY’s new space was gut-renovated and designed under the vision of architect Lori Kupfer, using sleek, aesthetic KI furnishings that are reflective of a modern education system.

Many of MCNY’s students are returning adults. “Most of the students are coming from full-time jobs or from all-day parenting,” said Kupfer, whose objective was to give students an environment that’s comfortable and supportive.

“I knew KI had an excellent line of solid, comfortable, tablet-arm chairs, where the back moves with the body,” Kupfer said. “The seats are flexible and wide, and the tablet-arm can adjust to fit the student’s size while accommodating laptop and notebook technology.”

Having one source for everything made things more cost-effective for the school, and was also time-efficient - from order through delivery and setup.

Lori Kupfer

Kupfer relied on the adaptability of KI’s furniture for the multipurpose classroom/lecture space. “The space can be subdivided three different ways to accommodate many different kinds of events. KI furniture is stackable, easy to manipulate, and easy to store when not in use.”

Kupfer used KI exclusively throughout the project. She specified KI’s furniture solutions for administrative offices, open offices, and enclosed workspaces featuring higher-end furniture, as well as furniture solutions for the school’s library, open computer lab, lounges, and the café.

“KI offered a comprehensive solution and did everything for us through delivery and installation,” said Kupfer. “The KI team sat at the table with us designing, came to the construction meetings, checked the existing conditions, double-checked and worked with me all along the journey. They were 100 percent part of the team.”

“Everything is comfortable, durable, and welcoming.”

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