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    Ashley Duo Power Module

    For easy access to power, Ashley Duo modules provide above worksurface and below worksurface options.

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    Connection Zone Wood Leg Desk

    With trends in biophilic design focusing on the instinctive bond between human beings and organic materials, the wood legs on Connection Zone desks offer a natural appeal and a more residential aesthetic.

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    FourC Task Chair

    FourC task chairs provide a "healthy" sit with optimal comfort and personalized support. Human-centered design results in a fully user-adaptable chair for healthy and productive workspaces, offices and computer spaces.

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    Intellect Activity Table

    Whether it's fluctuating class sizes, fluid teaching styles or tightened budgets, the Intellect classroom activity table is designed to handle the many challenges of today's learning environments.

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    LaResta Day Bed

    The LaResta® day bed is the solution to the heightened demand for guest sleepover accommodations in patient rooms.

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    700 Series Lateral Files

    700 Series® lateral files feature unmatched quality, superior strength and increased storage capacity. Information management can be optimized with convenient storage of many types of media.

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    CafeWay Cafeteria Tables

    Built to withstand the rigors of school cafeterias, CaféWay provides superior durability with safe and easy egress.  Compact.  Mobile.  Versatile. 

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    Genesis Adjustable Desking System

    Genesis® desking is like no other desking solution on the market because of its flexibility, quality and affordability. Genesis lets you adjust your desk height as easily as you raise or lower your chair.

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    700 Series Pedestals

    Store an abundance of items from writing utensils to large printouts in 700 Series® pedestal files. Radiused pedestals enhance aesthetics and ergonomics for a unique design alternative.

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    Lancaster Auditorium Seating

    Lancaster® auditorium seating features plush comfort, power and data access and low life-cycle costs. Increase learning and retention by providing comfortable seating for students. Built to ensure trouble-free longevity, Lancaster seating is durable and easy to maintain.