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    System 3000 Panel System

    System 3000® panels easily conform to place, person and purpose. Shared spaces. Private offices. Semi-private workspaces. With an endless amount of edge styles and powerful components to choose from, this office panel system may be custom built to match your vision.

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    Aristotle Casegoods

    The ability to conform to space and functional needs of any office environment make Aristotle laminate casegoods a flexible furniture solution for a private office or an open workspace.

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    Unite System

    Unite office panel system is a simple, responsive approach to space that unifies people, furniture, and architecture to create high-performance work environments.

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    DuraLite Folding Table

    DuraLite® folding tables withstand the toughest demands of daily use. The unique honeycomb core, aluminum framework, superior materials and innovative design result in a lightweight folding table that is strong and durable.

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    Learn2 Seating

    Learn2 Seating is mobile, adaptable seating that fits student needs and preferences for collaborative and interactive learning environments.

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    Grazie Stack Chair

    The Grazie® Collection features the world's first true ergonomic stack chair. Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, Grazie's Perfect Pivot™ is a patented frictionless mechanism that exactly mirrors natural body movement to provide the ultimate in sitting comfort. Add tablet arms or armrests for extra support.

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    Folding Chair 05

    Strength and durability are provided through a range of value-added features on KI's steel folding chairs.

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    Neena Bench

    Neena's™ understated elegance achieves more with less. From the executive office to reception and waiting areas, Neena lobby benches give you the opportunity to complete or accent your design.

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    Connection Zone Privacy Booth

    Connection Zone Privacy Booths tune out distractions.Each Privacy Booth creates a personal space for those seeking privacy in open andcollaborative environments. Retreat into a privacy bo...

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    Rose Chair

    Rose Chair is compatible with healthcare demands and designer expectations. Distinctive dynamic motion promotes circulation and relaxation. Streamlined aesthetic enhances virtually any healthcare environment.