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    Trellis System

    Trellis is a simple power and data chase that enables greater workplace freedom.

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    DuraLite Folding Table

    DuraLite® folding tables withstand the toughest demands of daily use. The unique honeycomb core, aluminum framework, superior materials and innovative design result in a lightweight folding table that is strong and durable.

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    Instruct All Terrain Teacher Desk

    With its intelligent design and easy functionality, this All Terrain® teacher's desk features a peninsula top with an integrated storage unit that has a rollout shelf at the bottom for convenient access.

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    Soltice Sleeper

    The classic lines, sophisticated style and soft sensibility of the Soltíce® Collection can now be found in a sleeper. Designed by Dan Cramer and Paul James, the Soltice sleeper brings the warmth of home into the healthcare environment.

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    Apply Cafe Stool

    Apply cafe stools are a stylish alternative that complements the full Apply seating collection.

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    Versa XL Chair

    Versa® XL, bariatric seating designed for comfort and safety. Supporting individuals up to 500 pounds, Versa XL bariatric chairs provide a coherent look within a facility with other Versa products.

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    Silhouette Stack Chair

    Silhouette® stack chairs offer high design at a moderate price. It provides a distinctive and affordable means of expressing an organization's commitment to quality and style.

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    700 Series Folding Chair

    Quality, strength and comfort highlight the 700 Series® folding chair. In addition to the all-steel model, 700 Series folding chairs are available with upholstered seats, or upholstered seats and backrests, and tablet arms.

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    Genius Architectural Wall

    With an unlimited offering of options and configurations, Genius architectural wall offers the design flexibility to create unmatched visual impact. From offices to conference rooms to storefronts, Genius architectural wall has the product depth to achieve any look in any environment.

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    Sela Occasional Tables

    The exceptional Sela® collection captures the less formal, casual lifestyle of today's students and workers, while complementing a variety of interiors. Coordinating tables boast a residential influence and reflect popular mid-century modern elements.