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Narrow-Base Backbone Table 

Ideal for technology integration and media sharing, this modified Backbone power table features a narrow base and sharp design that enhances leg room and seating depth. Maximum function with minimal

Triangular Power Tower 

Modified from our Backbone media platform, this triangular power tower offers dual functionality for collaborative learning environments. Creatively integrate power within collaborative learning


One conference room allows for easy power access on the café-height table, and the other functions as a relaxing meeting space. In this layout, Lightline glass panels create two enclosed conference

California State University, Sacramento 

Sacramento State has now doubled the amount of seating capacity in its AIRC building, with MyWay becoming the “go-to-chair of choice” for students. The new spaces embody versatility, allowing faculty

KI Wins Prestigious Best of NeoCon & Showroom Design Awards at NeoCon 2016 

KI is honored to have earned a number of prestigious awards at the NeoCon World's Trade Fair 2016.

After Coronavirus, Flexible Shared Spaces Are Paramount 

Employees want spaces that are clean and adaptable during COVID-19. Here is how employers can meet their needs with flexible shared spaces.

Outgrowing a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Corporate Training 

We’re witnessing an evolution in training. Through years of research with academic and field experts, we’ve identified three main training methodologies and the best furniture solutions to support

Bradley University 

Designed for the creative minds of the next generation, the Convergence Center at Bradley University is where students can come together, take advantage of the latest technology and learn from one

A New Approach to the Skills Gap 

Wisconsin coalition connects education and manufacturing.

Can Employers Recreate the Flexibility of Remote Work? 

Offering a choice over where and how work is done is critical for employee satisfaction and retention. Learn how your workplace can support this trend.
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