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Cabot Public Library 

Bright colors and new furniture make the new library look fresh, but the move also enables more access to computers, more seating, more meeting space and more research capabilities.

Yakima Valley Community College 

The furnishings selected for Yakima Valley Community College’s new building fulfilled the campus’s needs and continue to delight both faculty and student users.

After Coronavirus, Flexible Shared Spaces Are Paramount 

Employees want spaces that are clean and adaptable during COVID-19. Here is how employers can meet their needs with flexible shared spaces.

Re-Envisioning Workplace Culture and Community 

Learn how employers can rebuild a sense of workplace community and culture as employees return to the office.

How to Social Distance on Campus 

Will schools be opening their doors this fall? Discover design tips for facilitating a safe return to school post-pandemic.

Three Cost-Effective Ways to Transform Outdated School Spaces 

As K-12 education evolves, so too should physical learning spaces. Explore these easy and cost-effective ways to transform your school and accommodate modern educational needs for the upcoming year.

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