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Ruckus Wave Activity Tables 

Young minds are ready to take off in learning spaces with the playful design of Ruckus wave-shaped activity tables. Rectangular and half-round waves add functional collaboration in the classroom.

Ruckus Wisp Activity Table 

Add creative flair to your learning space with the playful design of Ruckus wisp-shaped activity tables. Pair this adjustable-height table with a second wisp for a fun offset round configuration.

What is Active Design? 

The principles of Active Design can turn sedentary workplaces into environments that encourage healthier lifestyles.

University of Nevada, Reno 

UNR’s new Pennington Student Achievement Center brings together many of the university’s student-centered services in one central location and is the hub of student activity.

Why Active Design? 

Corporate wellness programs are not enough to combat sedentary employee behaviors. Incorporating the principles of Active Design can help.

Active Design Addresses Shrinking Office Space 

Discover how the principles of Active Design can address issues related to shrinking office space and corporate real estate.


Metaphors convey vivid imagery that transcend literal meaning, using language that activates the imagination, sparking intrinsic emotion.

Nextep Takes Active Design Seriously 

For Webb and his team, the key component to active design is mobility among employees. Nextep embraced the concept and asked KI to take it further.

Active Design: Take Your Work Outside 

Discover simple ideas, considerations and office furniture solutions for planning outdoor work environments.

Active Design and the Pursuit of Talent 

Design principles like Active Design will give employers an edge in the race for attracting top talent.
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