Personalized Solutions

At KI, we believe every customer is unique and what may work for one may not work for another. Through listening, observing and collaborating, then using our unique design and manufacturing capabilities, we're able to create personalized furniture solutions that fit our customers' exact specifications and needs. 

KI employs a scalable process by which it designs and manufactures personalized solutions. 

Discovery Phase 
During this first stage, we meet with you to discuss basic requirements such as installation dates and quantities to more detailed topics such as work styles, churn rates, technology integration. We explore architectural nuances, aesthetics, functionality and workplace culture. The discovery phase concludes with a personalized product brief - a working document that guides the remainder of the process. 

Ideation Phase 

The heart of the design process, ideation includes brainstorming sessions, concept renderings and preliminary mock-ups. Feasibility studies are completed to ensure the concept can be produced in a manner that meets your expectations of functionality, quality, price and timeliness. 


Once you sign off on a final design, prototypes are then created for testing to ensure the new creation passes all ANSI/BIFMA standards as well as any other relevant tests and/or codes. Once testing is complete, we release to production. 

Performance Audit 
The post-installation audit is an opportunity to assess the project's success in meeting desired performance objectives and incorporate any findings into future projects. 

For more information about personalized solutions, download the Personalized Solutions White Paper .