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tablet arm

A generous workspace in a compact footprint

Adapt to change with ChangeUp

Innovative ChangeUp tablet arms provide an accessible worksurface for Doni, LimeLite and Strive seating. This large flip/fold tablet pivots 45 degrees for ease of ingress and egress in a compact footprint. 

Available on Doni 4-leg, 4-leg with casters, sled base and task chairs, LimeLite task chairs and Strive 4-leg, 4-leg with casters, sled base and task chairs.

View features and highlights below. Pricing information is available on Doni stack and task chair pages, LimeLite task chair page and Strive stack and task chair pages.

Doni and Strive designed by Giancarlo Piretti.

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Generous Workspace
Generous Workspace

ChangeUp tablet arm has a large worksurface to keep materials accessible: W21” x D13.25”

Compact Footprint
Compact Footprint

Tablet arm flips and folds when not in use, resulting in a small overall footprint:

  • Doni
    • 4-leg and 4-leg with casters: W24.25” x D23”
    • Sled base: W23.5" x D23.75
    • Task chair: W29" x D29"
  • LimeLite
    • Task chair: W28" x D28"
  • Strive
    • 4-leg and 4-leg with casters: W25” x D23.25”
    • Sled base: W24.5" x D23"
    • Task chair: W28" x D26"
Adapts to anybody
Adapts to anybody

Tablet arm motion provides ease of ingress and egress with a 45 degree pivot range.

See the Action

View the pivot range and flip/fold motion of the ChangeUp tablet arm.

VIDEO ChangeUp Tablet Arm Chair Demo 


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