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Unite Framed Door


Supporting private office and meeting spaces in panel configurations.

The Unite framed doors offer a private workspace option within an open office layout, allowing employees to concentrate on tasks without distractions.

  • The height is designed to work with standard Unite panels. Maximum panel height of 80", including a 64"H panel with 16"H stacker.
  • Edge color available in Black, Blue Grey, Light Tone, Sand, and Warm Grey door finishes.
  • Door finish available in all standard KI laminate finishes.
  • Includes threshold to aid in door installation and prevent potential panel frame/door racking.
  • Locking or non-locking handle available in standard Satin Chrome finish.
  • Modification Number: request with standard Unite panel model number. 



PMR_Unite_Framed_Door_4 PMR_Unite_Framed_Door_2

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