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Your business. Your space.
Believe it. Build it. Brand it.

Set the tone for your workspace with walls that reflect
your unique company and culture.
Walls that work for you.



The design of your workspace speaks volumes about who you are. Lead with a design that reflects your brand, and finish with a function that adapts to the work styles and needs of your employees.

Daylight the way to productivity.
Daylight the way to productivity.

Our full-height glass panels maximize daylight and make your space feel warm and welcoming. By enhancing a sense of well-being, your employees will feel better and happier which positively impacts their productivity... boosting your business' bottom line.

Can you hear me now? No? Good.
Can you hear me now? No? Good.

Control the level of speech privacy throughout your organization. Our solid Evoke walls offer industry-leading levels of speech privacy, while our Genius and Lightline walls offer multiple panel thicknesses to further control the noise in your space.

Ready. Set. Reconfigure!
Ready. Set. Reconfigure!

Future proof your space. With a small kit of parts, our modular walls are easy breezy to reconfigure. Or, simply refresh your design; swap out panel skins and finishes, adjust heights, paint shells, or change the number of frames in a run.

ROI you can count on.
ROI you can count on.

Maximize your investment and minimize churn. Our unitized wall construction enables numerous floorplan changes. Stay ahead of the trend of emerging technologies with our built-in power and data functionality. Your workspace will practically pay for itself in no time.

The KI Suite of Solutions

Three walls rule them all. Walls that
work together in perfect 3-part harmony.
Alone, they stand powerfully.
But together, they're an unbeatable team.



With a range of standard finish options, we support numerous affordable designs. Or, go crazy with your own customized creations. We support dreamers and realists alike!

But don't let the options weigh you down. This is the fun part. Take our word for it and let our talented interior designers create your dream space at no additional cost.'s our pleasure.

View Finish Options for Genius

View Finish Options for Lightline

View Finish Options for Evoke


Chain link doors. Refurbished barn wood panels. Custom-dyed fabric wraps. Cardboard cut-out accessories. See and believe the vast possibilities...

View Architectural Wall Pin Board



We know cost is critically important to your business. Let us take the guesswork out of "How much does it cost?" and provide an accurate yet expedient project-specific quote just for you.


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Sustainability Factors 

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Learn trends and tips from architectural wall industry experts.

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We look forward to supporting your best-in-class architectural wall project from conception all through its lifecycle. We're in your corner. Connect with your dedicated KI specialist to begin the discussion!

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