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For you, we'll do anything.
So go ahead.
Unleash the wild, whimsical and wonderful
walls of your dreams.

And we'll make it look good.
Crazy good.




Our stunning aesthetics give you the eye candy you want and the flexibility and function you need.

Let us show you the ways...


Personalized solutions. Made uniquely for you.
Personalized solutions. Made uniquely for you.

Your vision is unique. But not all wall manufacturers can bring your dream to life. KI can. In fact, it's our modus operandi; it's what we do!

Reveal the devil in the details.
Reveal the devil in the details.

We take pride in finishing every detail on point. The result is simply stunning aesthetics. Your final space will practically shine with perfection.

A tantalizing rainbow without end.
A tantalizing rainbow without end.

From dynamic screen-printed graphics, vibrant back-painted glass, custom-stained veneer or paint, special wall wraps or even made-to-order appliqués, KI walls support any design imaginable.

Love it. Live it. Change it.
Love it. Live it. Change it.

Create an endless range of configurations. As needs change, then simply re-configure it. A modular design and small kit of parts makes this a highly responsive solution for your clients' needs. And how!

Illuminate your brilliance.
Illuminate your brilliance.

Bring light and life to your space by drawing natural light indoors. Full-height glass panels with our patented butt-glazing maximize daylight and welcomes a positive glow throughout the interior.

Designers Talk

We know walls. But you don't have to take our word for it! Listen to these designers share their experiences with KI walls.

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Chain link doors. Refurbished barn wood panels. Custom-dyed fabric wraps. Cardboard cut-out accessories. See and believe the vast possibilities...

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The KI Suite of Solutions

Three walls rule them all. Walls that
work together in perfect 3-part harmony.
Alone, they stand powerfully.
But together, they're an unbeatable team.


Stylize your space in a range of standard finishes, or go crazy with unlimited custom options. Accessorize your walls in more than 4,000 selections of hardware. Our walls are the canvas for your work of art!

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View Finish Options for Lightline

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We know cost is critically important to your project. Let us take the guesswork out of "How much does it cost?" and provide an accurate yet expedient project-specific quote just for you.

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Discovery Center

Case Studies 

Check out these stories and project photos from our most notable installations.


Learn trends and tips from architectural wall industry experts.

Technical Resources 

Explore these documents to learn how simple it is to install, maintain and reconfigure KI walls.

STC Reports 

View the official ratings of all KI wall types to decide which options are best for you.

Let's Talk!

We look forward to supporting your best-in-class architectural wall project from conception all through its lifecycle. We're in your corner. Contact us today by filling out the form below.

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