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What do tech workers want for their workplace?

Not surprisingly, tech workers look for something specific in their ideal workplace setting. The work they do is fast-paced and the job opportunities are competitive. Following a "play hard, work hard" approach, their top priority is a healthy work/life balance, followed by wellness and technology support. Companies should be aware that some workers even rate the culture of a company as closely as their own salary.

Tech In Action

These companies upped their game and engaged KI to design a tech worker's paradise.

The New Normal

Who really considers work/life balance a priority?


Work/life balance is among the most important priorities for tech workers when considering a new employment opportunity. In fact, the data report above shows that Gen Z considers work/life balance as a basic right rather than a perk. Most importantly, employees are willing to work harder if that means they have the flexibility to work how and when they want. And that's not just generation based. Everyone considers work/life balance a priority.

Tech Resources

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Tech By the Numbers Infographic 

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The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act 

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Back to College? 

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