Case Studies

It’s always inspiring to see how others address the same issues you face on a daily basis: integrating furniture with architecture, addressing space issues, incorporating flexibility and mobility. We’ve collected a library of case studies for you to reference. Whether you need inspiration or information, you can find it here. View the images, read the studies, download a PDF, or share with a colleague or client.

  • Brooklyn Law School

    Brooklyn Law School

    Item # KI-00968
    Brooklyn Law School selected KI’s Genius ® movable walls to transform an unfinished storage space into a beautiful, functional and highly flexible environment. The double-decker stacked configuration of movable walls features an artful blend of glass, color and lighting to create an industrial, open and welcoming environment—all while supporting the school’s emphasis on maximizing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Cooper City High School cover

    Cooper City High School

    Item # KI-01047

    Intellect Wave chairs and desks are used throughout the school to offer a fresh, modern interpretation of classic classroom furniture design.

  • CornerstoneEyeCareCH_thumb

    Cornerstone Eye Care

    Item # KI-01070
    Cornerstone Eye Care contacted KI to initially assist solely with its patient waiting areas. Thereafter recognizing that KI offered an extremely diverse product line with a range of price points, along with finishes and fabrics that would easily complement throughout, the end-user and design firm collaborated with KI to furnish its entire facility.
  • East Richland Middle School

    East Richland Middle School

    Item # KI-00840
    This school was totally re-envisioned from a 1970’s open-concept style to become a flexible, vibrant learning environment. KI furnished classrooms, computer labs, the entire library, offices, and meeting/ breakroom spaces. This solution ensures a coordinated look and feel throughout the school.
  • CHRobinsonPP

    C.H. Robinson

    Item # KI-00985
    C.H. Robinson, the world’s largest third-party logistics provider, recently relocated to a new building in Green Bay and wanted something different than standard furnishings. They chose to work with KI for a more creative approach to the space without sacrificing function.
  • Navajo Dilkon Judiciary Court

    Item # KI-00902
    The goal of this project was to create a comfortable and supportive area for participants in the Navajo Peacemaking Program. KI's Arissa Collection provided a perfect one-size-fits-all seating solution, which helps make the court space more inviting and enhance the experience of program participants. 
  • Business - Cupertino, Ca

    Business - Cupertino, California

    Item # KI-00909
    KI provided a modern furniture solution to integrate with the interior architecture of the existing building. With special attention, KI blended movable wall, systems, and a variety of loose furniture throughout the space with similar color and style options to create a clean, consistent aesthetic.
  • Case History - San Francisco Public Safety Building

    San Francisco Public Safety Building

    Item # KI-01082

    The goal for the interior was to create a complementary custom-designed office storefront. KI's Genius and Lightline walls provided the ideal solutions to support the overall storefront design, which included addressing a large number of private offices along a long corridor.


  • Carnival cover

    Carnival Cruise Lines - Port of Miami Case History

    Item # KI-00770R1

    Durable furniture with refined lines and vibrant colors sets the scene for a relaxing yet exciting environment. The space combine elements of casual elegance, fun and comfort and add just the right kind of sizzle to the different spaces.