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Laminate Exterior Panels; Interior Panels: Left-Fabric Rear-Steel Right-Fabric
265 Approved materials for WiggleRoom  Laminate Exterior Panels; Interior Panels: Left-Fabric Rear-Steel Right-Fabric (W2H)
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Exterior Panel Laminate

Belair XLBQ
Biltmore Cherry
Biltmore Cherry XLBT
Black XLBK
Brighton Walnut
Brighton Walnut XLBW
Canyon Zephyr
Canyon Zephyr XLCA
Castle Oak
Castle Oak XLCO
Casual Linen
Casual Linen XLCU
Cherry Storm
Cherry Storm XLCX
Classic Linen
Classic Linen XLCI
Cloud Zephyr
Cloud Zephyr XLCL
Cocobala XLCC
Crisp Linen
Crisp Linen XLRI
Desert Zephyr
Desert Zephyr XLDZ
Dove Grey
Dove Grey XLDG
Fired Steel
Fired Steel XLIL
Flax Linen
Flax Linen XLXF
Florence Walnut
Florence Walnut XLFC
Forged Steel
Forged Steel XLOL
Friston Ash
Friston Ash XLFH
Frosty White
Frosty White XLFW
Graphite Nebula
Graphite Nebula XLGN
High Rise
High Rise XLHE
Hollyberry XLHY
Irish Linen
Irish Linen XLIH
Island XLID
Italian Silver Ash
Italian Silver Ash XLIT
Kensington Maple
Kensington Maple XLKM
Lapis Blue
Lapis Blue XLLB
Markerboard White
Markerboard White XLMK
Misted Zephyr
Misted Zephyr XLMR
Monticello Maple
Monticello Maple XLMT
Nickel Evolv
Nickel Evolv XLNV
North Sea
North Sea XLNA
Ocean XLON
Pearl Bisque
Pearl Bisque XLPB
Pearl Silver
Pearl Silver XLPS
Pressed Linen
Pressed Linen XLPR
River Cherry
River Cherry XLRY
Rugged Linen
Rugged Linen XLRG
Satin Stainless
Satin Stainless XLSS
Shadow Zephyr
Shadow Zephyr XLSR
Silicon Evolv
Silicon Evolv XLSV
Sterling Ash
Sterling Ash XLAZ
Tailored Linen
Tailored Linen XLTL
Titanium Evolv
Titanium Evolv XLTV
White Nebula
White Nebula XLWL
White Sand
White Sand XLWN
Windsor Mahogany
Windsor Mahogany XLWY

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