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Social Responsibility

We expect our employees to perform their duties in an environmentally responsible manner, but they’ve gone above and beyond with their efforts. Our employees are always on the lookout for ways to be good environmental stewards – from using less paper via encouraging electronic communications to turning off conveyor belts and lights when they leave for the day. In fact, the KI Conserves Campaign asks employees to commit to being a sustainable citizen both at work and at home.

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As a company, we actively extend our environmental stewardship beyond our four walls. Following are ways we’ve funded, initiated or participated in similar conservation efforts in our lives and communities:

  • Adopt-A-Highway — KI employees clean a stretch of local highway three times annually.
  • Car Pooling — Many employees participate in this program to reduce local fuel consumption – and get a preferred parking spot!
  • Landfill Reduction — To reduce toxic waste in landfills, KI offers on-site recycling centers for items such as batteries, cell phones, computer equipment, lamps/bulbs and plastic bags. We continually look for ways to further reduce landfill waste with alternative recycling streams in both our corporate business practices and our manufacturing.
  • Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary — KI funded the Resch Conservation Wing and Resch Falls at this local wildlife sanctuary.
  • Invasive Species — KI works with local agencies on eradication of invasive wetland plant species (purple loosestrife) found in wetlands around KI’s Green Bay, Wisconsin facility.
  • Resch Family East River Trail — With the generous financial support of KI president and CEO Dick Resch, this nature and fitness trail borders the East River in Allouez, Wis., just behind the KI corporate headquarters. You can often find employees walking, running or biking the 6.28-mile trail during the lunch hour.
  • Earth Day – Campus clean up, promote outdoors, environmental awareness to employees



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