With KI's unique design and manufacturing capabilities, architects and designers can design "signature spaces" that bring their visions  to life.

Unite System

The multiple elements of the Unite panel system create a balanced, harmonious look in any number of combinations. Formal meetings, collaborative get-togethers, impromptu dialogues, private conversations - Unite panel system creates them quickly and ties them together beautifully. It's unification through simplification. If storage is a priority, look to the Unite system's tower-based planning module, which incorporates storage towers with lower panel heights. The low panel heights allow more natural light to stream into a space. In addition, underheads can take advantage of wasted space and provide binder storage for lower panel-height stations. Or, substitute credenzas for underheads for a more flexible approach. 

If your space calls for benching, the Unite panel system offers worksurface-supporting frames that may be specified with inserts to match the systems office throughout a space. Clear or opaque dividers offer additional space delineation and enhance privacy. Unite panel system easily supports benching with a sophisticated Euro design flair. Or, if you need traditional cubicles, Unite panel system uses worksurfaces and unique support frames, resulting in better scale and alignment, fewer gaps and a modern, fresh look. Improve sightlines with uninterrupted glass spans of up to 72". Available in segmented panels or stacking sections. Lighten up a workstation with lifted panels that improve air circulation. Tile-to-floor panels are also available.

For a truly custom look, create a perfect blend by integrating individual pieces and loose furniture for a more fluid, residential feel. Using the Unite panel system as a frame, incorporate freestanding worksurfaces such as Genesis adjustable desking or Balance overheads for storage.The complete statement of line of the Unite panel system includes preconfigured monolithic panels in 7 widths and 5 heights; segmented panels in 7 widths and 4 heights; and preconfigured 16" high stackers in 7 widths. Preconfigured base options include raceway, elevated and tile-to-floor. Finishes include fabric,solid steel, perforated steel, markerboard, slat wall and glass. 

Accessories include divider screens, modesty panels, spanning top caps and tackboards. Worksurfaces include eight shapes with seven leg and support options. Integrated storage includes worksurface-supporting pedestal and double pedestal, Balance overheads, Universal overheads, U-Series sliding door overhead/underhead and under worksurface storage with support. If freestanding storage is required, choose from a pedestal, lateral, credenza, wardrobe tower, bookcase tower or bookcase.The Unite panel system offers something for everyone. Architects can maximize available space. Designers can create a unified environment where collaboration and privacy fit seamlessly together. Installers enjoy quick, simple installation with less cable wiring and complete compatibility with Genius movable walls. Employees work in spaces that accommodate different work styles.

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