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    Is Sitting Really the New Smoking? An In-Depth Discussion with the Experts

    A new advisory from the American Heart Association reveals that anyone who sits for hours each day is at risk of developing a variety of health issues. Find out just how dangerous it can be.          

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    Lead Letter: Wellness Programs at Work Produce Results if Well Crafted

    Employers can save themselves millions through wellness programs. They just nee to find ways to boost workers' low participation rates.

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    NEW Realities Bring Students to Manufacturing

    Programs and promotions focused on well-paying, high-tech careers has helped the Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance generate a 285 percent increase in industrial degrees and improve position fill rates by 45 percent.

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    The Payoffs of Rewarding Employees for Being Healthy

    Rather than demand that workers be healthy, KI offers financial incentives and workplace supports to boost healthy behaviors that are integrated into the company culture. 

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    Student Wing Reopens With New Technology, Improved Classrooms

    After almost two years of construction, the Student Wing has reopened its doors to reveal a completely revamped set of classrooms, lounge spaces and technology resources.

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    Nextep Takes Active Design Seriously

    For Webb and his team, the key component to active design is mobility among employees. Nextep embraced the concept and asked KI to take it further.

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    Nudging Employees to Better Health is Good Business

    In order for a business to survive for years -or even generations-that heart has to be strong and healthy. Many companies understand this and have long offered a wide range of benefits to keep their employees healthy and productive.

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    Workplaces of the Future Defined at NeoCon

    NeoCon is one of the largest gatherings of workplace experts in the world. Held annually at Chicago's cavernous Merchandise Mart, the event outlines trends that will affect the workplace for years to come.

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    Going for the (NeoCon) Gold

    KI's VP of Design and Product Marketing, Shawn Green, walks Interiors & Sources through the showroom at NeoCon 2016.

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    Employers: Put a Ring on It

    Spring and summer are the seasons for betrothals and weddings. CEO Dick Resch says companies should think about getting engaged with their own workers, making it clear that they're valued and tying them to the company to boost productivity.

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    Open-Plan, Color Among Office Design Trends

    Open-office designs, lounge settings and sit-stand desks were among some of the trends on display this week at the NeoCon design exposition in the Merchandise Mart.

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    WGN-TV Chicago Tours KI's Showroom During NeoCon 2016

    As seen on the LESHOCK VALUE: Marcus Leshock tried out furniture from KI that makes the office a more comfortable environment with WGN Morning News.

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    What You Should See on the Last Day of NeoCon

    Worry no more. The Business of Furniture team was hard at work over the last two days scouring showrooms high and low for the coolest, most innovative and generally awesome products at NeoCon.

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    Expert Manufacturing; Exacting Design Highlight KI Doni

    KI's latest product, the Doni chair, blends the best of both design and manufacturing prowess into one of the company's most comprehensive seating collections to date.

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    Area Businesses Named Green Masters

    Eleven Northeastern Wisconsin companies have been named “Green Masters” for their continuing efforts to embrace sustainability.

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    Solving the Workforce Shortage

    When Jamie Williams was choosing a college major a dozen years ago, she had no grand plans for a career in manufacturing.

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    Is the Design of Our Hospitals Making People Sick?

    No fewer than 600 studies have shown that health care design has a significant impact on medical

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    New Technologies Are Making It Easier for Businesses to Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

    Employers and builders must think about going green the moment they decide to construct a new office - or renovate an old one. New technologies and building techniques can empower them to do so.

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    Employers Aim to Appeal to Millennials

    Attracting and retaining excellent employees makes the top 10 list of the most difficult tasks for most business leaders.

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    New Technologies Are Making It Easier for Businesses to Reduce Their Carbon Footprints(1)

    Dick Resch, CEO of Wisc.-based KI Furniture, urges businesses going green to think beyond reducing energy and water usage. Building or renovating green is even more important. New building technologies can empower them do so.

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