Personalized Solutions

With KI’s unique design and manufacturing capabilities, architects and designers can design “signature spaces” that bring their visions
to life.


Classroom Desks

360° Classroom Furniture
360°® classroom desks roll, rotate and swivel adapting to all teaching needs (lecture, collaborative or individual). It’s recognized as truly innovative and won the Best of NeoCon Gold.
Intellect Desks
Intellect® classroom desks are ergonomically designed, so students can listen and work comfortably for longer periods of time. Comfort curve lets users get closer to the work area. Tops have a glue-in, high-pressure laminate insert for durability.
Intellect Wave Desks
Designed by Shawn Barrett, Intellect Wave classroom desks offer various desk styles to complement any classroom design. Intellect Wave is engineered to withstand tough classroom use and exceeds industry standards for durability.
Ivy League Classroom Desks
Ivy League™ classroom desks have unbeatable quality, incredible durability and an industry-leading 15-year warranty. Adaptable for any learning space, these classroom desks withstand school use and abuse.
Learn2 Seating
Learn2® Seating is mobile, adaptable seating that fits student needs and preferences for collaborative and interactive learning environments.
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