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St. Anthony Tri-Parish School updated learning environments, integrated technology and surrounded children with beauty.

Educational Furniture Documents

KI has gathered the most relevant articles on educational furniture design, trends and key issues facing today’s specifier. Browse these reference materials, or sort by Case Studies, White Papers, Planning Guides and Articles. When you find something of interest, simply download a PDF, save it to My KI or share it.

  • Cardinal Ritter Prep School

    Cardinal Ritter Prep School

    Item # KI-00520
    Cardinal Ritter's new facility called for furniture that reflected its focus on academic excellence and leadership development. KI provided good looks combined with durability and functionality while still being cost effective.
  • Colegio Huinganao_Santiago Chile_cover

    Colegio Huinganal Project Profile

    Item # KI-01052
  • Colegio Huinganao_Santiago Chile_cover

    Colegio Huinganal Spanish Version

    Item # KI-01052SP
  • Cooper City High School cover

    Cooper City High School

    Item # KI-01047
  • East Richland Middle School

    East Richland Middle School

    Item # KI-00840
    This school was totally re-envisioned from a 1970’s open-concept style to become a flexible, vibrant learning environment. KI furnished classrooms, computer labs, the entire library, offices, and meeting/ breakroom spaces. This solution ensures a coordinated look and feel throughout the school.
  • Franklin Community High School

    Franklin Community High School

    Item # KI-00689
    Franklin Community High School needed to furnish classrooms to accommodate optimum number of students per class period and be sensitive to critical budget concerns. The solution: maximize student capacity, comfort, and space usage with 360o classroom furniture. For computer labs, the project team chose InTandem tables for superior reliability.
  • TianjinSchoolPP

    International School of Tianjin

    Item # KI-00972
    The International School of TianJin needed to update a small space within a strict deadline of 50 days. They wanted to create a positive and welcoming learning atmosphere in a growing school environment.
  • PaloAltoHS_PP_62

    Palo Alto High School

    Item # KI-01078

    Palo Alto High Schools' Media Arts Center features a bright, dynamic atrium surrounded by classrooms, conference areas, and break-out spaces that promote multi-media publishing, collaboration, and a sense of community and innovation.

  • St Anthony Tri Parish School Case Study

    St Anthony Tri Parish School Case Study

    Item # KI-00873
    St. Anthony Tri-Parish Schools wanted to increase enrollment, plan for future growth, update learning environments and integrate technology. KI was selected to provide furnishings for the entire school. KI’s breadth of product, personalized attention and education knowledge made them the perfect choice.
  • St. Benedict at Auburndale High School

    St Benedict at Auburndale High School

    Item # KI-00555
    St. Benedict was in need of high-quality furniture that reflected its own investment in student education while still fitting their budget. KI made all the difference with classroom solutions that excel in comfort, durability and design, while still maintaining a high level of aesthetics.

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